Asante Sana

A visit to paradise in the great Karoo, the private reserve of Asante Sana turns up some jewels in the rough. This is a secret place and a hidden paradise where sweet waters mingle with green grass and animals abound. It’s a place where dinosaurs roamed. It’s truly a place that dreams are made of. I simply cannot wait to go back.


The Wild Side (of New Zealand)

Our adventure around NZ was on the wilder side. This was a blessing caused by the fact that we couldn’t afford most of the tourist offerings whilst using rands. We had to look for free things to do and this took us down a wilder path- which we found far more enjoyable. OK I did pay for the odd thermal soak- who can resist?

Glorious Glow Worms

Ryan and I spend a day exploring the Abbey Caves near Whangarei in northland, NZ. We are so excited about finding such an exceptional adventure that we decide to take Finn (5) the very next day and to our delight he is born to spelunk, leading us deeper into the earth.

Thermal Things

On holiday in New Zealand we explore the thermal highways around Rotorua and find many expensive tourist traps built around natural wonders that should probably be free. Instead, we opt for a mud pool of note and a free thermal pool. Then, being on holiday we relax for the afternoon. It’s bliss, as this is what holidays are all about!