Marvelous Mozambique: learning in paradise

Meet my August 2017 interns in my underwater photography program being run in Guinjata. Here I introduce three of my brilliant students and tomorrow another two.


Praying to the old gods and the new

I’m back in East London chasing the Sardine Run.I wrote about the run last year and noted that the seething mass of kilometres long of shiny wriggling sardines just wasn’t there. Where is this magnificent spectacle; a formation of silver fish creating a shimmering mountain during their annual migration to warmer waters; spawning along the way. In the 90’s people wrote of shoals up to 10 km long, 2 km wide and 30 meters deep

Whale of a Tail

Whale sharks are the charismatic giants of the ocean and they always amaze those lucky enough to see and interact with them. I have been diving with them, whenever and where-ever I can, for 25 years but when I hear the dive master shout “WHALE SHARK” an electricity and excitement like no other still shoots through my body- in anticipation of the encounter to follow. The sharks never fail to thrill and I can only hope to see them thousands more times.

Model Mayhem- the Underwater Photography Guide to Models

As a continuation from my last post on working with people in water-  there is a significant difference between working with people in water whilst on SCUBA to working with someone modelling in a pool. For today’s blog, to get the very best form from your model in the ocean, here are some tips to consider: Planning To get a photo like this, planning…