Thermal Things

Hubble hubble, boil and bubble…..No visit to New Zealand is complete without a few visits to the various thermal delights on offer. NZ is “a volcano”. This, according to my husband Ryan- who is a kiwi, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

NZ is a thermal wonderland with popping mud and boiling steam all over

NZ is a thermal wonderland with popping mud and boiling steam all over

Rotorua has been one of my favourite stops in any trip to NZ . I love to soak in super hot water. Central NZ certainly is a “hotbed” of steamy activity of the volcanic kind. Just driving down any of the roads between Taupo and Rotorua, you can view steam rising from the fern-clad hills and rivers. I would love to be able to jump out of the car to view the plumes closer but common sense dictates otherwise. Imagine finding yourself sinking into a sulphur pit of yellow bubbling mud. Ouch!

Finn (5) enjoyed the heated aspect of NZ.We took him to wai-o-tapu expecting to be able to wander freely in the gorgeous colours of this wonderland. Unfortunately, even a small family like ours now has to fork out almost R1000 (over $100) to walk on the wooden boardwalks. It didn’t feel right to have to pay for something nature made for all of us to share. Instead,I took a couple of snaps outside and at the mud pools, which are free.

We found a free thermal pool which Finn loved and we settled in for an afternoon soak. Perfect.

At the end of the day, we were super relaxed and happy. Perfect holiday mood.

finn header 1

a relaxed and happy Finn who slept for 2 hours immediately after


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