Asante Sana

The Karoo remains a firm favourite of mine. As I write this blog I am so excited. I have been looking for some time and I feel have found paradise there. It’s hard to put into words as you have to see it. There’s a depression in the land- a valley- surrounded by majestic hills. The valley has a tree-lined river running through it and there’s a flood plain so that all the grass is super green; sweet and juicy.

cover 1

the tranquility befitting of paradise


Above all it’s tranquil. If all that sounds like paradise then add the 100’s of animals that live there: and there you have it. Paradise.a sister version of the famous Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania.You can view the fossilised footprints of a dinosaur and as you gaze on the replica you truly feel transported back in time.


Recently,  I spent a weekend soaking up the animal life and the sun. I am so super excited to take my interns there in 2016. Until then, Asante Sana baby and I hope you enjoy the small album of photos I have posted.



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