Seal Chillin’

swirling and rolling for the camera but chillin' all the same

swirling and rolling for the camera but chillin’ all the same

Late last week a surprise trip to Cape Town yielded fantastic weather and two very special trips that I have wanted to do for some time now. I got to join my friend Steve Benjamin from Animal Ocean ( if you want to have the same experience go with Steve-  011 27 (0)794885053 or mail him on ) and spend an hour diving with the playful seals of Hout Bay and to top it all I was blessed with pretty decent viz, apart from the 100000’s of teeny tiny shrimps hovering just above the kelp which made the use of strobe light particularly difficult!  The seals weren’t too playful but when they saw the boat approach a couple popped in from a long sunbathe to say “Hello”. I was thankful as the sun was really toasty and I could see the little guys were having a superb day chillin’ on the rocks.  I got a couple of barrel rolls from the smaller seals and the filtered sunlight was a real bonus. Best of all is that Steve always has hot water to poor down your wetsuit plus a steaming cup of hot chocolate waiting for you on the boat after the dive.  Here are some of my fave shots from the day. My next trip was a ride on a Gyrocopter  over Cape Town- I kid you not!! I will post pictures from that when I get back from another few days on the Sardine Run as I leave in a couple of days.

Steve also took some photos of me taking these shots- just so you can see what it looks like  when it all happens.

the blogger at work and play- thanks to Steve for the image

the blogger at work and play- thanks to Steve for the image


As you can see from the strange angle of my legs – I really try hard to keep off the sensitive reef or bottom of the ocean so as not to damage or squash the thousands of small critters that live there. I always try to teach this vital skill to my students too.



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