More Monkey Business

This February I found myself back in one of my favourite places on the Garden Route- Monkeyland. Why do I feel this way?  I love the forest; the ethic and the fact that you get a chance to see more than 550 primates. More about the ethics later- perhaps the best thing about visiting this natural forest- is the fact that all citizens are free roaming !The ethics of this sanctuary are exemplary. is a facility where animals are brought to live out their lives in an environment that resembles – as close as possible – that which should be their natural homes. The animals are often rescued from situations where they’ve been kept as pets or where they’ve been abused. It’s usually inappropriate to release the animals – either because they’ve been habituated to man, or because they aren’t indigenous to the area or country in which they were found. Today I wish to present an album with some of my fave shots from last week. Next time: There is a special monkey house that I am hoping to access for photos next month… and more to write about- as there ARE some special monkeys in there!


February 2014




  • Web site
  • E-mail
  • Telephone 0027 (0)44 534 8906
  • Mobile 0027 (0)82 9795683
  • Portion 11 and 12 of Kirbywood, The Crags, Western Cape Province, South Africa 6602
  • P.O. Box 1190 Plettenberg Bay 6600
  • Directions: Turn-off N2 at the Monkeyland sign (2 km east of Kurland village)
  • GPS: S 33 56’46.09″ E 23 29’8.13″

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