Inhambane reveals it’s colonial links to Portugal

A short trip into Inhambane on Monday revealed some rusting colonial architecture and some of its Portuguese heritage. Inhambane or Terra de Boa Gente (land of good people) lies 470 km’s northeast of Maputo. All photos snapped with an apple ipad.


rusty colonial buildings adorn Inhambane town

When Vasco da Gama rounded Africa in the 15 th century he pulled in here to replenish stocks and to explore. The Portuguese established a permanent trading post in 1534. Inhambane was chosen as the first Jesuit mission to East Africa in 1560. Now, here Vasco sits hidden in a rubbish tip! How times have changed.


Vasco’s position has been reduced somewhat

I visited one of the  cultural art centers where students were learning music and painting techniques. The talents of the local artists were on display and  artworks can be purchased here too. I prefer to purchase directly from the artists and for this I go to the local produce market.


the art center


times have changed in Inhambane

A trip to Inhambane is never complete without a visit to the market for fresh produce or curios. Here Lynn from Guinjata Dive Center buys produce for us.


buying fresh greens and bartering- which is expected in Moz


brightly coloured veggies in the local market


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