Why do whale sharks visit certain areas year round?

We have been waiting for them and today they arrived en masse to the bay of the Guinjata Dive center. What a way to get cheered up after a rather depressed start to the day. I was moping around after having heard the Reunion prefect’s decision to allow the massacre of 90 tiger and bull sharks. To cheer myself up a bit I decided to join my students for an ocean safari and what a great decision that was! We enjoyed the company of four whale sharks. I am almost scared to mention it but the ten humpback whales we also saw ( including a baby ) paled into insignificance at the arrival of the gentle giants.


my interns and staff interacting with a massive but gentle giant of the oceans

The water wasn’t the cleanest and kinda soupy green. Also there were lots of jellyfish around! It seemed like the whale sharks were feeding on the jellies and on thousands of tiny bait fish in the water. This area has been called ” Whale Shark Alley” and it appears that this is the main reason the massive fish visit the area all year. There is plenty of food around for them. The water conditions didn’t deter us and my students had the afternoon of their lives.


My students having the time of their lives watching a whale shark feeding at Guinjata Dive Center

My students loved every moment of it and cameras became a fleeting memory as many people had their first encounter with a whale shark.


The whale shark was taking great gulps of food


The shark fed just under the surface for at least long enough for us all to get a good look at it

Zelda Norden and her free diving fins and superior water skills managed to get close enough for me to take a good shot of her.


Zelda and massive friend

Martin got really close-up to the shark- as one must do with a GoPro


Martin looks like he is either being swallowed or spat out !

Back on the beach it was beers and smiles for all. I even cancelled the composition lecture by popular demand. It’s been a great 6 weeks that have been filled with mantas;whales and now whale sharks. YES!


Some ecstatic faces

A perfect day with lots of very happy smiles.


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