First Week of Macro in Guinjata

It is hard to believe we have already finished our first week of the program. My students have done a couple of macro dives each- in the Indian Ocean. Each time I hear them talk about their photos I can feel a dramatic increase in their knowledge and the photos they are beginning to produce are testament to that. Here are a couple of their macro shots with credits to the photographer. Each of these shots was taken after a couple of days of theory and although these shots are already great- there is no doubt in my mind that they will continue to improve over the next month.


Image: Meg Staudacher


Image: Tella


Clown Fish

Image: Matt Dobson

One of the things the students are getting to learn how to do is to stay off the reef and how to take images with surge affecting their buoyancy. I am very proud of them so far and have little doubt that within a short time they will also be proficient divers.

We have been out to one of my favourite reefs in the world. Manta reef continues to enchant me despite the fact that there was a rip roaring current.  We dropped onto the cathedral area and there were three mantas gracefully winging their way over the reef. Unfortunately our drop spooked them and they didn’t hang around for too long. We saw many other incredible sights including a large potato bass eyeing us out a little warily.  Here is one of my images from the manta dive: Tella in awe as the bass eyes her out inquisitively.

Potato Bass

Potato Bass

I have also posted some macro images from the local house reef where the porcelain crabs are out in full force and the nose-stripe anemone fish continue to peek warily from their anemone homes.

Porcelain Crab

Porcelain Crab

Anemone Fish

Anemone Fish

When we got back to base from the Manta dive we could see three whales playing just of the backline of breakers. Anxious to get in the water with them, Garrett and I bundled onto the next boat and within 15 minutes we were back in the water. It was hard going, as we had to swim around and wait to see if they would come near us. Luckily for us two did and I managed to get just one shot off. I did however have some incredible moments enjoying one whale swimming right up towards me before veering off to disappear into the slightly murky distance…

Humpback Whale



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