Prawns & Macro!

I find it hard to believe that 3 days have passed already. It’s been a whirlwind of learning; sleeping; eating; swimming and diving. We say it like this in Africa-“ it’s a “kak” life- but somebody’s gotta do it.” I am so happy that person is me. Now finally over the long drive I am relaxing into the Mozambique way. Bem Vindo – welcome in Portuguese is the order of the day and all the locals are friendly and kind. We have a wonderful chef who has been spoiling us with incredible food. On the first night the students were spoiled with a half chicken each and last night mounds of prawns and calamari were produced in true Mozambiquan style.


Group Dinner

Matin's Dinner

And After..

I bought 2 kg’s of cashew nuts and a bottle of peri-peri sauce and shipped them down to Ryan in Mossel Bay, with my love. In the morning I will get a coconut split open for breakfast and the local raw honey is a delight to the senses.

Today I took the students for their first free-diving experience and what an experience it was! There were large breakers to pound through and then a rip-roaring current. Needless to say we were all exhausted but invigorated afterwards and spent the afternoon hard at lessons.  We managed to get through a lot of theory and practical on the use of manual settings today. The students have been in the pool testing out their macro skills. We completed the strobe use and settings part of the theory and then they jumped into the pool with some plastic animals to shoot before trying out their new skills on the real deal. There is a really great view over the ocean from the pool.

Pool Fun

Practising Macro.
We have been enjoying watching the passing humpback whales jump and cavort on the ocean and one of the students managed to get a photo of one in the sunrise from the house. Each time you look at the ocean you can see them jumping as they pass by- there must be hundreds of them travelling North. I can only hope we get to see some underwater.

Some of us have been walking on the beach and doing a spot of running.  Next week I will consider adding some yoga sessions to the mix once we have all settled into a rhythm.


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