Wakuu and Skyla

Grgl 1167ab

Four cheetahs were born to a mother at the lodge in late 2011. It is virtually impossible for a mother to raise four cubs successfully on her own for various reasons. Hein and Kim Schoeman who manage the lodge reserve took a male and a female into their home when they were small cubs. The cubs have been raised with the Schoemans own children Malan (3) and Kayla (1) . All four cubs are faring well! We manage to visit the cheetahs about once every six months and here are some photos of their growth over a year. Currently the cheetahs are becoming ambassadors for their kind and will eventually breed and add to the gene pool. Cheetah breeding is a full story all on it’s own! Recently I took some photos of a friend Ellie, with Wakuu and I love the contrast in colour. When the cubs were small I managed to get some photos of them too although they were little ebundles of fibre and so incredibly strong. Try shooting wild animals and children together. Neither of them wanting to do anything you ask them to. It’ s a struggle but great fun too and the rewards are worth the hassle.


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