Growing up with cheetahs

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A year ago a wild cheetah living at the Garden Route Game Lodge in the Western Cape, South Africa gave birth to four cubs.  If left in the wild a mother cannot manage to rear four cubs easily and it is likely that some will die. Park ranger Hein Schoeman and his wife Kim had the idea to rescue two cubs and leave two with the mother.

A male ( Wakuu ) and female ( Skyla ) were removed and two remained with the mother. Wakuu and Skyla were raised in the Schoeman’s home with their own children Malan ( 3 ) and Kayla (1 ).

The cheetahs slept on the Schoeman’s beds initially, but now sleep in their own enclosure. They have a close bond with Malan and Kayla as they have been bought up in the same house – essentially as siblings.

Sometimes the children have friends over to play and they get to play with the cheetah’s too.

One of their favourite past times is to take the cheetah’s out on the families quad bike.

What a life for the children! Imagine having two cheetah’s in your back garden and home.


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