A visit to the quaint but quiet town at the southernmost tip of Africa was on the cards for the internship this month. After speaking to some locals I thought that the phrase “ it’s all in the nothingness….” resonated with this beautifully wild area the best. The lighthouse is a joy- an incredible old building that I tentatively climbed to the top of – to be greeted by a blustering gale at the top. It was worth the view and my 3 year old son Finn, handled it a lot better then I did. The wreck of the Meisho Maru slightly on the Atlantic side is a photographers dream and we spent a lot of time learning how to do long exposures on this wreck. It was gorgeous when the stars came out.  There are some perfect beach walks littered with 100s of ‘mermaids purses’ to end off a busy day… Next time we go I hope to see the legendary stingrays that frequent the harbour in Struisbaai- this time we missed them!


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