Garden Route Game Lodge

GrGl 0698 a

This lodge, built in an ethnic style, is owned and run by Natasha and Anthony Doherty, from Mossel Bay. The reserve is set against the backdrop of the beautiful Langeberg Mountains. The lodge has a sparkling pool and the rooms are large and comfy. I really love the massive fireplace area in between the rooms, with its huge plump sofas. The cheetahs had four babies this year and it has been a delight to watch them grow…the reserve has two rhinos but Anthony has a special team with infra-red night gear to protect them from poachers. I also love seeing the two elephants; gemsbok and friendly (and often pregnant )giraffe. We went to a delicious wine tasting by Raka wines (of Hermanus).We drank wine and ate canapés in the wild African bush after having received a personal greeting from Anthony and Tasha. Yummm! We are so lucky to live amongst such grandeur and to get to indulge in it so often. There are many times I consider myself blessed to live in Mossel Bay.

Garden Route Game Lodge:


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