The Seals of Plettenberg Bay

Images taken by students during their Internship

Swimming or diving  (if you have a license) with seals is a firm favourite with my interns and I. We book with Pro-dive at the Beacon Isle hotel as I SCUBA dive. However, Offshore Adventures takes the boat rides to go and swim with the seals. The swimmers and divers go out together. Bouncing along the surf, parallel to Plett’s Robberg Beach- Jaco Kruger, owner/skipper, takes us out to frolic with seals. Jaco and his colleagues clearly know a lot about this colony and have been studying them for years.

This Cape Fur seal colony has approximately 3000 seals and lies in the lee side of the Robberg Peninsula, ensuring calm, shallow waters and countless barking, glossy seals.. Almost as soon as the first person is in the water we are met with the barking of 100’s of seals inquisitive cubs pouring into the sea to come and investigate us. They are all expert and nimble swimmers – which they would have to be if you consider that a major predator of theirs is the great white shark. They pose for the cameras – hanging in the water in front of us. What an extraordinary experience this is, watching them in their own environment as they come so close you can almost see your own reflection in their shiny, dark eyes.


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