Egypt Underwater

I try to visit Egypt every other year for a dive trip. I love to visit the Red Sea for it’s warmth as much as it clean blue waters. Certainly it is a perfect place to teach a photo course as almost every day is perfect for diving and there is very little down time! There’s lots of- down under the water time- though. Wrecks abound and legend has it that many of these wrecks were simply scuttled ships, wrecked by their owners for insurance claims. Still they make good diving.

The corals in the Red Sea are still pretty good despite much over-diving! Ras Mohammed National Park is incredible. It sees thousands of divers each day of the year and yet the coral appears to flourish. One of my favourite things about visiting the Red Sea is the chance that I am going to see a Napoleon Wrasse. Also known as Maori Wrasse due to their spectacular scribbled markings, these inquisitive fish have given me many hours of joy in the water.


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