Was it really a once off?

on 7 November when I posted a photo of Mark Norval landing a protected species and pulling a pose reminiscent of Leon Bekker I got a lot of comments which you can read here.


I also got this comment  to that post from Norval himself:

“Why put me in the same boat as leon? Compare the pics. He was inhumane to the gw and he targets them, he went to get one. I did not! Foul hooked the fish, the hook broke off as you can see in the pic, the gear I used was not to target or catch this fish. The only reason I did land it is because my trace and leader was wrapped around its body. I pulled the fish out without a hook in it, I kept the trace to show whom ever wants to. I yreaded the fish as fast as I could like all the fish I catch. The fish was landed and trace removed off the body I snug in a quick pic. A pic only 1 not like bekker with 30 pics that would tell a story and how long the fish was out the water for. unfortunately I’m being accused of killing the fish which is far from the truth! I did not target the fish, it picked me up, there was no way I could tell what it was until it was in the shallow water were it was identified as a white and that the leader was wrapped. I don’t have proof of this but I know whats true. Please stop saying I’m inhumane as I’m far from it.”

I do not intend to be the judge; jury and executioner-  but you decide ? does Norval seem to be someone who tries not to land great white sharks as he protests? it really doesn’t look to me like Norval is trying to return this fish ( another great white ) to the water and there doesn’t appear to be any haste to his actions to get it back as the law requires…..that shark doesn’t look like it’s in a good shape; lying there with gills squashed on the rocks. I wonder what previous commenter Buks Nel will say about this?

Methinks he (Norval) doth protest too much!  sic


a hapless fish on the rocks and a smile


4 Comments on “Was it really a once off?

    • Uhm, Amanda, please tell me how a live shark looks in a picture when it is on land???

  1. As a keen fisherman in Australia I’ve caught many sharks by mistake both from the shore and from boats. Sharks are incredibly tough creatures and will survive out of water for a long time. I’ve seen big black tip reef sharks stranded in tidal creeks for hours lying on sand and rocks waiting for the next tide. They always survive. Sharks are roaming predators that will always take a baited hook. I think any recreational fisherman in the world who caught a white pointer shark this big would not be able to resist getting a quick snap for proof! As a point of Interest I have exactly the same name as the fisherman in the dock – Mark Norval. I live in Australia and I am an artist but don’t let that bias your opinion on my views.

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