Magnificent Mossel Bay

Situated halfway between Cape Town & Port Elizabeth, beautiful Mossel Bay is a coastal village on the world famous Garden Route. A sunbathed peninsula and the refreshing waters of the Indian Ocean surround this popular holiday town. A busy summer destination as well as an ideal winter retreat, Mossel Bay is a historical town which is blessed with a mild climate year round.

Back in 1488 a man called Bartholomew Dias threw anchor in the Bay of St Blaize. This town was developed as a busy export harbour for wool, ochre and ostrich feathers. The many beautiful historical buildings in the town are evidence of its rich history. In 1601 the Dutch navigator, Paulus van Caerden, named it Mossel Bay, as he found that mussels were a most welcome addition to the diet of his crew. Today, gourmet’s rate mussels gathered in Mossel Bay each spring, among the finest in the world.

Ryan and I moved here four years ago and Finn was born here almost 2 years ago- and for now- it’s home!


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