Playful Cape Fur Seals

Steve Benjamin from Animal Ocean took us across to play with the cape fur seals at Partridge point after we had finished a very cold dive with Sevengill Cow Sharks at Millers point. Although my body felt like a block of ice from the previous dive I was so glad that I got into the water again. The seals were frolicking playfully around us and the water was pretty clean. The seals love to approach divers with a wistful yet inquisitive expression and then veer off suddenly at the last moment – fangs bared.

quizzy seals

One or two of them decided a really fun game was to nibble Ryan on the top of his head and then dart quickly away before he could react. I was so relieved to have a big bubble of air inside my hoodie so that when they did this to me I couldn’t feel anything.

head biter

head biter

I really enjoyed my short time with the seals and wish that the water had been just that little bit warmer so that I could have stayed longer. I will go back- soon I hope !

a playful seal and friend

playful seals


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