Addo Elephant Park

I did a shoot with a production company from Dubai about the animals of the Addo Elephant Park very close to Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The gorgeous presenter Danyah was so easy to shoot. She loved the camera and as you can see the camera also loved her

who can resist

who can resist

The Elephants were pretty curious about who we were and what we were doing and there where times when the larger bulls got a little too close for comfort- although Danyah didn’t seem to mind!

in fact there was time for some interesting shots and Danyah loved trying to make the animals look smaller as she patted them. Interesting photo effects ensued-

the Zebras were about as mesmerised over Danyah as she was over them…

The nonchalant Zebras weren't too worried

The nonchalant Zebras weren’t too worried

We were lucky to see this buffalo on the road and that we were in the car when we did. Buffalos can be a bit “crabby” at the best of times and its never a good idea to be on foot when you see them this close by.


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