Seal Island

Today I was invited to take a tour of Seal Island, in the middle of the bay at Mossel Bay, with Ryan and some of the SAMPLA interns. It was fascinating to see the seals with many furry pups. Here is one little guy who was totally lost and calling out for his mum.


oh gosh it was sad- he was totally lost and alone and then got washed off into the sea

Some of the pups looked like they had literally been born that day. We also saw lots of juvenile seals cavorting in the water and biting each other playfully. Some of the young adults were involved in courting behaviour and were biting at each other.  Some seals floating in the water were  nuzzling each other’s noses with whiskers bristling.


seal love at its cutest

There was a sheep-like baa-ing sound constantly emanating from the island as the seals hopped on and off it and moved around interacting with each other. Many seals were just lying there sprawled out, fat and lazy and dozing in the hot sun.


hard to say but lots of interaction going on and what a din!

– Fiona Ayerst


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