Pinnacle Point Caves

Stephan and I went to visit an archaeological “dig” up at the Pinnacle Point site. We both found it utterly fascinating and were even more amazed at just how intricate the work is that the archaeologists are doing there.


under the green canopy at the dig


kneeling all day is pretty hard work- but they just went on and on….I was tired after about 3 hours

They are passionate and dedicated people and it is always a privilege to meet people like that. I was particularly interested in the role of the sea in the lives of out ancestors they are studying. It looks like they ate a lot of shellfish and this particular cave is old dating back 64 000 years.


one of the students finds ancient tools in her patch of the dig

I was also interested in the machinery they are using to measure the artefacts that they find. That yellow camera looking thing- is around R60 000 worth of technology and they had three of them there.


student plots the dig 3D with the latest in technology

They can plot the finds in 3D on a computer. It seems like the sea moved back and forth a lot over 1000s of years, sometimes up to 40 km’s at a time. Incredible stuff………..

– Fiona Ayerst


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