Cont’d Rwanda Part 10

This is a pretty under-developed part of Rwanda compared with the gorillas. However there are able Rwandans managing it and I am sure it will grow and become more popular. It was an interesting trip getting there-  5 hours in a local bus , very full, and with loud African music playing the entire route there and back. On a road pockmarked with thousands of deep potholes and twisty mountain passes- this was an interesting ride indeed. After going through the forest ( it takes about an hour to drive through it is so huge ) we went through tea plantations and then arrived at gisakura lodge- a government run place- like the national parks board places in SA. It was basic but comfortable.

There were some local vervets that were hungry and cheeky- this one tried to jump on my camera as vervets sometimes do! It wanted food of course.

this naught vervet was a little aggro.

this naught vervet was a little aggro.

There are acres of hills full of tea bushes in this part of Rwanda. Ah, to own a tea farm in the heart of Africa- an old dream of mine. It was so cool just to walk through them and dream on! I think Rwanda must have the best tasting tea and coffee of anywhere in the world that I have visited. Vast areas of land are taken up for these two crops and they seemed to me to be one of their biggest industries. The climate is so pleasant and temperate- I guess it really lends itself to their cultivation.

picking tea

picking tea






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