Cont’d Rwanda Part 8


I did a day trip into the Congo – DRC. The village is called Goma. It is at the bottom of a volcano and in 2002 was all but covered with lava when the volcano erupted. There is still a lot of re-building to be done. The guide was pretty anxious about my safety and it was hard to know whether this was wholly justified. Certainly the people seemed angrier and less friendly than the Rwandans. The dust and soot from the volcanoes mingles with the dusty streets and the result reminded me of a gangster movie. There is a huge UN presence here with camps from all over the world based here. There are battles going on around the Congo and some people say they are due to the presence of many precious minerals and others that it is about power. I guess it is some of each. It is a massive country and I only spent a day here so it is not fair to comment. I must say though that I think it will be a good few years until I venture deeper into darkest Africa.


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