Cont’d Rwanda Part 2

Rwanda Pool

I spent a day lazing by the pool in “hotel Rwanda” or Hotel des Mille Collines (the hotel of a thousand hills ) as it is called in Kigali. It is a large hotel with great facilities- I kept thinking back to the movie and wondering what it must have been like in the foyer of this hotel in 1994 during the genocide. One thing is for certain- there were no fat (Russians?) like this one smoking cigars and sweating by the pool!


Rwanda is a tiny country set like a jewel in central Africa. She is so breathtakingly beautiful with her lush rolling hills, mist-shrouded mountains, green valleys and sparkling lakes. The gentle breezes drifting down from the hills and through the pine and cedar forests are scented with the sweet aroma of lilies and chrysanthemums. There were no flat plains anywhere I traveled but they say there is savannah in the East. I was constantly commenting about the rich lushness of the plants and the verdant greenness of the hills.  The soil is so black it looks like chocolate. The abundance of flowers and birds is incredible and everywhere you look- they grow/fly wild all over the country. Unfortunately, most of the country has been populated and houses and huts abound in every valley and on every hill. There is ostensibly substantial damage to nature from subsistence farming. I should imagine that just like Madagascar- before man found this place- it must have been paradise. Each time I looked in the sky there were yellow- billed kites circling. I even saw Maribou storks nesting in a tree in Kigali. Of course there were also lots of crows!


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